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Tracking Lost Or Stolen Phones




















 Due to common cases of robbery and theft, a lot of people make necessary precautions and preparations for whenever they lose their phones or when it is stolen. Basing from an experience I have had when I lost my phone and during the time my second phone was stolen, I have taken the responsibility of becoming prepared and have a plan of action ahead of time. There are different techniques to track or find your phone whenever it gets lost or when it gets stolen. Because of innovation and advancement of technology, a lot of phone users including me, now have the ability and resources to track phones during situations such as losing it or it being



Below are some of the techniques you can use to track or find your phone if ever it gets stolen or when you lose it. Visit website for interesting information.


Try installing a phone tracking software - Today, a lot of phone tracking software have been developed by different software developers to help people specifically phone users track and find their phone. In order to do so, you will need a family, friend, or a professional who has a phone tracking software installed in their phone or computer. They can track your phone as long as it is registered or paired with their phone or computer. They can easily track the phone and identify the location.


Give it a call - If you do not have enough storage space to install a phone tracking software, you can always use the call feature of the phone. In this method or technique, you will also need a friend, family, or other people to call your phone. If that is not possible at the moment, you can always have a secondary or backup phone to call your lost or stolen phone. Simply call the phone to hear the ringing and you will be able to locate it.


But take not that your phone must be in general mode and not in silent mode as you will not be able to hear it ring when you call it. Finding or tracking it will be very difficult if it is only vibrating. Also, you can consider setting its volume to maximum and picking a ring tone which is heard easily. Imagine picking out a ring tone that is very hard to hear or is not noticeable. An example of which is when you pick out a ring tone which sounds like your cat. You will not be able to determine whether it is you cat that is making the sound or if it is your phone. Read these